Dolo is the most characteristic town of the Riviera del Brenta and it is only 4 km from the hotel.

It is located on the banks of the Brenta River whose course divides the historic centre into two halves. In the middle of the canal is Isola Bassa, the oldest area and heart of the town.

The characteristic houses and mills, still present, are reflected on the Naviglio del Brenta thus offering those who stroll through alleys and narrow squares glimpses of a rare beauty.


The most famous city in the world is rich in history, art and civilization, from the sovereignty of the Doges, to the period of expansion of the maritime republics, up to the renowned Baroque period. There are countless monuments and places of interest to visit. Venice overflows with beauty, art and culture!

You can reach:
By bus – 50 minutes – ACTV line 53E departing from the centre of Fiesso d’Artico and arriving at Piazzale Roma, Venice terminal.

By car or taxi – 29 minutes

Venice Carnival

It is one of the most famous and most popular carnivals in the world due to the variety of colours and traditions. For a whole week, Venice turns into a masked ball in an exclusive context that evokes memories of other times.

Biennials of art and architecture

The main Italian and international cultural initiatives take place in Venice, such as the biennials of art and architecture, the international film festival and a thousand others.


In just 30 minutes by car you can reach Padua, a city of culture, science and faith.

The city will fascinate you with its monuments and squares, with its places of worship such as the Basilica of Saint Anthony with the tomb of the Saint, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, and the masterpieces of pictorial art of the Scrovegni Chapel, which houses the most famous cycle of frescoes in the world, created by Giotto in 1305.

The Venetian villas

From Villa Giulietta Hotel you can visit and discover the most beautiful Venetian Villas along the Brenta.

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